10 Etiquette Rules Tattoo Artists Follow

10 Etiquette Rules Tattoo Artists Follow
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Getting a tattoo is a big decision and you want to make sure that you are going to an artist that you like and feel comfortable with. And while you're getting your tattoo, you might think that being a tattoo artist is all fun work. But being a tattooist can be grueling since it's not all about creating fun designs for clients. You might be shocked to find out that tattoo artists have etiquette rules they need to follow. Sure they might not be written in stone but they're ones that all great artists use as guidelines. So keep reading to discover ten etiquette rules tattoo artists have to follow.

They Will Shave An Area For A Tattoo For You

Not everyone has a hairless body and if you're getting a tattoo you need to make sure that all the hair is removed in the area that they talk to artists is working in. But if you're still not sure about the location or the size of the tattoo you're getting.

Don't worry about shaving since the tattoo artist has razors on hand. They have no problem shaving the area that you decide to get your tattoo. Of course they won't mind if you shave the area by yourself, it's just part of their job to get the area prepped.

They Will Give You A Pain Estimate Of Where Your Tattoo Is Going

If this is your first time getting a tattoo, your tattoo artist will give you an idea of how much pain the area that you want to get a tattoo it is. This will help guide you to find the right location for your tattoo and where your pain tolerance is. But even if you're not getting your first tattoo, your tattoo artist will tell you how painful a spot can be if they think you might not be able to handle the pain tolerance along. And of course, those hand tattoos look great you might not be able to handle that pain long enough for them to finish the design and they're going to tell you ahead of time.

They Won’t Tattoo You If You’re Drunk

We've all seen the movies and TV shows where the character ends up getting a tattoo when they are completely wasted. And of course the tattoo they end up getting as ridiculous and something about the instantly regret the next morning when they're hungover.

But in real life a tattoo artist is never going to tattoo someone if they are drunk. Your tattoo artist wants to make sure that you are making a responsible decision since it's going to be with you for life. Additionally, they would never tattoo for someone they are drunk since that person can end up losing more blood and fainting.

They Will Teach You About After Care

When you get a tattoo done one of the most important things is the aftercare. But knowing how to take care of your tattoo is not just something that you're going to want to look up online. Your tattoo artist is going to instruct you on how to care for your tattoo, how long the healing process can take, and what you should be applying to help heal the tattoo. They don't want you to ignore the healing process of a tattoo since it could ruin the tattoo and end up leaving a scar on you.

They Will Let You Take Breaks As Needed

Getting a tattoo is painful and there's no way around it. Because of this, your tattoo artist is going to allow you to take breaks as needed. Your tattoo artist wants you to be as comfortable as possible when getting a tattoo. So anytime that you feel like the pain is too much let them know because they want you to be able to rest.

Just be aware that the more breaks you take the longer it's going to take them to finish the tattoo. And this might mean that you need to pay for an extra session since you took more breaks than they expected.

They Will Recommend A Different Location For A Tattoo For Younger People

Some of the biggest tattoo trends that are going around right now are to get them on your neck, face, and hands. While there is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo in any of these locations some employers don't like to have their employees have visible tattoos. Tattoo artist knows this and if you are younger they might recommend a different location for the tattoo that you want to get. This is just them looking out for you and you knowing that there are times where tattoos are discriminated against in the workplace.

They Will Say No To You

Tattoo artists typically have an area that they have focused in. Some artists might be better at watercolor tattoos while others are better at doing realistic tattoos. Your tattoo artist is going to tell you no if they are not comfortable in the style that you're requesting.

It's not because they don't want to work with you, it's just because they know their limits. They might be able to recommend you to another artist they know to do the job. But there is no tattoo artists out there that can handle every style perfectly and that's why they might end up saying no to your idea.

They Will Give You A Free Follow Up Appointment After Your Tattoo Heals

Tattoo artist know that when your tattoo is done healing there might be some areas the might of healed differently than they expected. Because of this, tattoo artist will give you a free follow-up appointment once your tattoo heals to fix anything that didn't heal properly. The follow-up appointment is going to be a lot shorter than your appointment to get the full tattoo. Not only are they going to be happy to fix any area that healed differently than they expected they're going to be excited to see how you are liking your new piece of art.

They Won’t Complain About Their Backs (To You)

Something that you might not even think about when it comes to tattoo artists is that they are always leaning over when they are working. This means that their backs are going to be hurting especially if you are getting a large piece done.

This is why you will see them stretch when you are taking breaks. They won't mention that their back hurts you, but once you're gone they're not going to have any problems talking to another artist about how much their back was hurting them when they were working on a piece.

They Won’t Judge What You Want To Get

Some people like to get tattoos that are very meaningful to them and represent something in their lives, while others will get a tattoo just because they feel like it and want a design. Your tattoo artist is not going to judge what design you want to get done. They're not going to be judging your tattoo even if it is something silly that you're laughing about getting with your friends. They know that tattoos are a work of art and that they are just happy to help you get a piece that you want permanently tattooed on your body.

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