10 Of The Best Anime Inspired Tattoos

10 Of The Best Anime-Inspired Tattoos
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Adding a tattoo of something from your favorite movie, television show or video game is one of the best ways to show how much of a fan you are. Some fans of anime decide to show their love by tattooing a reference on themselves, examples including Avatar: The Last Airbender or RWBY. Tattoos can include an image of a main character to a reference only a true fan would be able to spot.

Tattoos for anime range from popular anime to the lesser known ones. Here are 10 tattoos inspired by an anime.

Ed And Ein From Cowboy Bebop

Ed and Ein are from Cowboy Bebop, with Ed being the kid and Ein being the dog. Both characters are close friends with each other, making the perfect duo for a Cowboy Bebop tattoo. The design is created from a scene that includes both Ed and Ein sitting close to each other.

It captures what they look like almost perfectly and is a fantastic addition to any Cowboy Bebop fan's skin. The artist has done other anime-influenced and pop culture tattoos and can be found at @savshimi on Instagram.

Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit

The Komada come from the anime movie Princess Mononoke, a 1997 movie animated by Studio Ghibli. Komada are little creatures that only appear when the forest they live in is healthy, disappearing when the Forest Spirit of the movie is killed. The Komada are one of the best-known creatures from Princess Mononoke, appearing in the forest throughout the movie.

The tattoo is perfect for anyone who would want a creature from Princess Mononoke on their body. The tattoo was done by Natalia Magdowska, who included the Komada's head tilt in the design, too.

Shocked Pikachu Face

Pikachu is the Pokémon of Ash Ketchum, and if you wanted to get a tattoo of Pikachu, why not combine it with the meme? The surprised Pikachu meme started in 2018 and will most likely be the reaction of anybody who sees this tattoo.

Combining the meme with your favorite Pokémon seems like a no-brainer when it comes to getting a tattoo. You get two references for the price of one. The design was done by @mxttc_tattoo, a tattoo artist from Belfast, Ireland. The design offers a meme, a famous character, and a cool double layer, making it a perfect tattoo.

Space Dandy

Space Dandy is an anime created by the same guy who made Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo and is about Dandy and his crew as they hunt aliens through the galaxy. The design includes a closeup of Dandy with a colorful space background. The tattoo is perfect for anyone who is a fan of Dandy and his adventures.

The tattoo was designed by @kelleyponytattoo and looks a lot like Space Dandy's art style. This piece would look good on any fan of the anime and it would fit well next to other anime-related tattoos.

Joestar Family Birthmark

This tattoo is definitely a JoJo reference, before you ask. The star is the Joestar family birthmark, usually found on the back left shoulder on all of the JoJos in the series. The birthmark appears on most of the protagonists and a few of DIO's children after he takes over Johnathan Joestar's body.

The tattoo was created by @sweet_pixels and is the perfect tattoo for any JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan. The birthmark is an iconic symbol throughout the series and any fan will be able to spot the reference right away. Having this tattoo will make you a member of the Joestar family, too.

Spike Spiegel's Ship

The tattoo features Spike Spiegel's ship, The Swordfish II, and the message that appears at the end of every episode of Cowboy Bebop. The saying is also the last thing Spike Spiegel says after his final battle where he might have died, although that is not confirmed.

The tattoo was created by @junkyardrabbit and pays homage to an anime character known throughout the community. Spike's ship and the phrase that shows at the end of every episode is perfect for any fan of Cowboy Bebop who wants a part of their favorite anime on their body.

Meow From Space Dandy

Meow is a part of Dandy's crew and a main character in Space Dandy. Meow is a Betelgeusian, but resembles a cat with his fur, yellow eyes, and body shape. Throughout the series, Meow is lazy and addicted to his phone, but he is still lovable.

The tattoo was created by @skylinetattoo and would be perfect for any fan who loves Meow. The tattoo features his full body, including the yellow crocs he wears throughout the series. The colors match what the character looks like in the anime, making this a perfect design for any fan.

Alucard From Hellsing

This tattoo is perfect for any fan of the anime series Hellsing or its protagonist, Alucard. In the anime, Alucard is a weapon of the Hellsing Organization, where he hunts down vampires and other supernatural forces. Alucard is also implied to be the most powerful vampire in the world.

The tattoo was designed by @stevewebstertattoos and features Alucard in his human form and also features his familiar, The Hound of Baskerville. The design includes Alucard is the clothes he is normally seen in throughout the series, making it a perfect piece for any fan.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

This tattoo does not come from an anime, but takes a classic painting and gives it an anime style. The painting is called Girl With a Pearl Earring, which was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1665.

The tattoo was designed by @stnrtatt and offers a unique tattoo, taking a famous painting and making it look cartoonish. The tattoo has the same pose as the original painting and looks similar, allowing fans of the painting and fans of anime to have a tattoo relating to two of their favorite things.

Kaneda And His Bike

This tattoo features Kaneda walking towards his motorcycle, a scene that is on most of Akira's promotional material. Akira was made in 1988 and is set in a futuristic, dystopian Japan. The movie follows a teenage biker gang who tries to rescue their friend after he gains mutant powers and is taken by the government.

The tattoo was made by @whiplashtattoo and features one of the most iconic scenes from the movie. Having this tattoo will allow fans to match the promotional poster and movie cover of their favorite anime.

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