Valentine’s Day Tattoo Ideas For Couples

10 Adorable Couples Tattoos To Get On Valentine's Day
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Tattoos have existed for quite a long time. They are meaningful, often symbolizing moments in ones life and what is important to them. So of course couples get tattoos together. Our culture puts a lot of weight on love and relationships, and tattoos are permanent ways to keep a symbol of affection on you forever. Just make sure you won't regret it later.

While couple tattoos can be between friends as well, Valentine's Day is a popular time for tattoo artists to get couple clients who want matching tattoos. But what kind of tattoos do they get? Here are ten that we thought were adorable, creative, and nice to look at. Check out the artists' linked profiles as well to see more of their work!

Dinosaur Couple

Who doesn't think dinosaurs are cool?

They are not exactly known as symbols of love, but that is part of why we love this idea. It is fresh and new. It is something unique to the couple. The minimalist designs were tattooed by Mad Meow Art who is based in Iceland. She doesn't just specialize in minimalist tattoos though, as she has also done detailed landscapes, realistic animals, and colorful pieces as well.

Moon And Sun

These were done by Playground Tattoo, which is based in South Korea. Their tattoo gallery is full of similar tattoos in terms of minimalist styles. They are are small and delicate looking.

A common couples tattoo is a celestial based one. For example, one would get a tattoo of the sun and the other a moon. These two clients did both but made theirs only the slightest bit different as to which symbol is colored in.


While it is hetero-normative and not for all couples, King and Queens symbols are a popular couples tattoo for a man and woman. These crowns were done by John Martin Viljoen, and they are quite cute in that they are on the couples' fingers so they are together when they hold hands.

Other examples of King and Queen tattoos include the cards, throne designs, just the words, and of course there are tons of other crown designs you can do.

Toy Story Couple

Done by feartattoodom, this adorable couples tattoo is both a quote from Pixar's Toy Story but it also has a deeper meaning. It is like a forever promise. This is part of why couples tattoos are so popular, they are permanent. The tattoos themselves will last "to infinity and beyond" for these people and hopefully their relationship will as well.

Space Girl And Astronaut

Done by Il Forestiero Tattoo, which is based in Italy, this couple has gotten a space girl and astronaut on their legs. We do not know what this symbolizes to them, but it is unique. It gives off the impression that their love is a vision of exploration, wonder, and beauty. We love how the woman's black hair is filled with stars and planets and how she and the astronaut are facing each other in this photo.

Key To Their Heart

The key to someone's lock is an incredibly popular symbol of love. It is the idea that you both unlock each other's hearts and that you are perfectly fitted for one another as well. While its an idea that is common, designs for these symbols are limitless. Some folks decided for a heart shaped lock, some like theirs to be colorful, and others go for a Gothic aesthetic. It is whatever suits you and your partner.

These tattoos were done by Srecko Zivkovic. Their gallery is full of diverse tattoos from animals to cartoon characters to minimalist designs.

Love Birds

Birds are often symbols of love. They are adorable, they fly, and they sing. Also, lovebirds exist which is a wonderful gift from the universe.

A couple got these love bird tattoos done by Robson Carvalho from Brazil. He is talented with colors, and has done tattoos like Wonder Woman, characters from The Little Prince, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. We love these birds both for their color and the amount of personality shown in their designs. It is sweet that one is singing while the other lovingly listens. Wouldn't it be cute if the one with the singing bird was a singer?

Beauty And The Beast

Disney tells many romantic stories, and Beauty and the Beast is one of their most popular ones. It is so popular that many people have proposed at Beast's Castle in Disney World. Others play the Beauty and the Beast song for their first dance at weddings.

So it is no surprise to us that couples also get Belle and Beast couple tattoos. This one was done by Edina Dobay who does a bit of everything when it comes to tattoos. What we love about this is these tattoos are unique in that they are not in the same spot on the couples' legs. The artist worked with that and made Beast look down while Belle looked up.


Skulls are a tattoo classic. They often serve as memento mori symbols, but lately artists have done so much more with them. There are funny skulls, cute skulls, scary skulls, and festive skulls. They are becoming as personalized as alive human faces.

These skulls were done by Razvan Popescu and he has done a ton of skulls in his artistic career. We love how these tattoos are dark but have a splash of red color on their bow-tie and bow.

Peanut Butter And Jelly

On the opposite end of the tattoo spectrum from skulls, we have cute and silly ones like these slices of bread. Each partner has half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Don't get it? The point is that they complete each other.

This couples' tattoo was done by Bryan Ferrari and his tattoos are quite diverse. They range from animals to food, objects, and plants.

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