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  • How Tattoo Artists *Really* Feel about Your Finger Tattoo

    How Tattoo Artists *Really* Feel about Your Finger Tattoo

    Plus, tips for helping them look better, longer. In the vast universe of tattoo placement, finger tattoos are one of the most ubiquitous. Less pronounced than a hand or palm tattoo, but not exactly hidden beneath layers of clothing either, this area has seen surging mainstream popularity in the […] Click here to view full […] More

  • History in ink: Russia’s first tattoo archive celebrates ancient traditions

    Russia’s first tattoo archive celebrates ancient traditions

    Exploration Russia Russia’s contribution to the history of art includes everything from medieval iconography to 20th century constructivism, but when it comes to the country’s tattoo traditions, there’s still a lot to learn. Most people are familiar with Soviet criminal tattoos: a phenomenon that, despite worldwide praise and recognition, […] Click here to view full […] More

  • From minimal to meaningful: 6 of our favourite celebrity tattoos

    6 of our favourite celebrity tattoos from minimal to meaningful.

    A bit of ink inspo if you will Despite negative past associations, tattoos are becoming a mainstay of modern popular culture, due in large part to the visibility of inked celebrities in the public eye. However, not all tattoos are created equal, so we’ve weeded through the good, the […] Click here to view full […] More

  • Korea’s ‘sentimental tattoos’ trending among the young

    Korea’s ‘sentimental tattoos’ trending among the young

    Time is ripe for public discussion on legalizing tattoos Tattoo based on an illustration by artist Willian Santiago (Courtesy of tattooist, Doy) Showing tattoos in public has long been taboo in South Korea, where there are still many negative stereotypes about inked skin. In the past, tattoos were seen […] Click here to view full […] More

  • Cheeky Pop Culture Tattoos Combine Beloved Fandoms With Fine Art

    Best Pop Culture Tattoos Combined With Fine Art

    Pop culture can play a meaningful role in our lives, so it’s only natural that people want to remember them forever with a tattoo. Luckily, an artist known simply as Kozo is creating body art that is striking in its faithful recreations of beloved movies, television shows, and beyond. […] Click here to view full […] More

  • Flaunting Korea’s tattoo taboo

    Flaunting Korea’s tattoo taboo

    In Korea, extensive tattoos flaunt conservative social conventions. Photo: Tom Coyner Millennial South Koreans talk a great deal about generational change and the related changes in attitudes and behaviors. One visible and physical aspect of this in recent years has been a rise in tattoos. While 0n-skin artwork has […] Click here to view full […] More

  • 30 Badass Skull Tattoo Designs

    The Best Skull Tattoo Designs For Your Next Session

    Skull tattoos have been popular ever since the earliest sailor tattoos. Bold and badass, they are also meaningful. For some guys, skulls represent conquering their fear of death. For others, a skull tattoo is a reminder to live every day as if it’s your last. 1. Sugar Skull Tattoo […] Click here to view full […] More

  • The stories behind Mike Tyson's six interesting tattoos

    The stories behind Mike Tyson’s six interesting tattoos

    Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has provided an interesting insight into his various tattoos. The infamous boxer is known for his tattoos, specifically one on the side of his face, but the meanings behind the ink have emerged. ‘Iron Mike’ has six tattoos, but very few know what […] Click here to view full […] More

  • 15 Best Face Tattoos for Ballsy Men

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    15 Face Tattoos for Men in 2020

    There is no denying that face tattoos are for bold men, as they are considered one of the most controversial types of body art. That is because face tattoos were once associated with gangs and prisoners. Today they are becoming more and more popular due to celebrities like Post […] Click here to view full […] More

  • Transformers Tattoos

    Transformers Tattoos That Are More Than Meets The Eye

    These tattoos are more than meets the eye, my friends. Enjoy. Autobots, roll out. Lockdown gives us a lot of downtime. There are only so many new shows to stream, so many video games to be played and so much work to do. Eventually, I ran out of stuff to do and started cleaning. And […] More

  • What Happens To Stomach Tattoos During Pregnancy (And How To Care For Them)

    Stomach Tattoos During Pregnancy And How To Care For Them

    Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and are a great expression of attachment and creativity. There’s nothing wrong with having any. They’re just another way to be unique, at the end of the day. But if you happen to have a stomach tattoo, you may wonder how it’ll […] Click here to view full […] More

  • 30 Simple Tattoos Ideas for Men



    Simple Tattoos Ideas for Men in 2020

    Like your clothes, your tattoos should reflect your style and personality. For guys who have a chilled-out approach to life and like a classic, minimal look, simple tattoos are an ideal choice. Think black ink, simple lines, and stripped-back designs that look cool and are meaningful, without getting too […] Click here to view full […] More

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