Episode 13: Shanghai Kate and Jack Rudy

Bell Bottoms. Led Zeppelin. Shanghai Kate peeing standing up. The 70’s were an amazing time, especially in the tattoo world. In what may be the funniest Tattooer’s Podcast to date, I shoot the breeze with the awesome Shanghai Kate and a special guest, Jack Rudy about tattoo trends over the last few decades, tattoo removal, and their intricate knowledge of how skin and ink react to each other. From the days of Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry, to the days of the tramp stamp, and present-day trends, Kate and Jack take me through the history of tattooing and the influential changes that they’ve helped implement in the industry, whether it’s single needle tattoos or sterilization processes. Kate is all spirit and science, Jack is all antics and aliens. I hope you enjoy this month’s episode as much as I did.


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