Episode 10: Deb Yarian of Eagle River Tattoo

In this new episode of the Tattooer’s Podcast, I am joined by Deb Yarian of Eagle River Tattoo in Alaska. This woman is nothing short of incredible. Not only has she been tattooing for 39 years, but she has worked all over the United States building her skills and clientele. Deb tells us all about the underground world of tattooing in the 70’s and 80’s, describing the risks of being a tattoo artist, as well as some of the danger that came with working in cities where tattooing was illegal. Not only did she make it through some tough times in the tattoo world and in her personal life, she did it all with some thick skin, being one of very few female tattoo artists of her time. Thanks for joining us to listen to the amazing wisdom of the incredible Deb Yarian.


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Written by Lucky

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