20 Beautiful Breastfeeding Tattoos that Celebrate Nursing Mamas

20 Beautiful Breastfeeding Tattoos that Celebrate Nursing Mamas
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20 Beautiful Breastfeeding Tattoos that Celebrate Nursing Mamas

Breastfeeding is arguably one of the most natural aspects of life, but some still don't know it today given how many react to it or form opinions about and around it. The act has been essential for life for thousands of years -- if not longer -- and yet seeing it in public draws the ire of far too many bystanders. Luckily, there's been a growing movement among the mothers of the world and their allies to normalize breastfeeding once again. Thanks to the power of the internet, mothers worldwide have rallied around hashtags and accounts aimed to promote the natural and inspiring image of breastfeeding. The hope is for, one day, to see nursing respected as the completely normal act that it is.

As such, it should come as no surprise that tattooing has become an incredibly popular medium for expressing the beauty -- and honestly the normalcy -- of breastfeeding. Nursing is a time for mamas to connect with their children physically and psychologically, and that shouldn't be frowned upon but rather revered. That's what the following tattoos work to express and represent, through breastfeeding depicted in all forms of expression from the symbolic and noir to the literal and colorful -- even nursing in the realm of fantasy. For those looking to join the movement in normalizing this natural and incredibly touching aspect of motherhood, here are 20 tattoos to inspire.

An American Traditionalist Homage to Nursing
A Crest Paying Tribute to Motherhood
Nursing as a Symbol of Life
How Giving Life Lifts Us Up
The Source of All Life
A Symbol of Bonding
Mermaids Breastfeed, Too
An Act of Divinity
A Simple But Powerful Message
The True Tree of Life
Wrapped in Love and Life
Mother at Peace
An Elvish Matriarch
A Mother Bringing Color to Life
A Pure Illustration of Motherhood
Warrior, Protector, Mother
An Infinite Connection
Mothers Bring Color to Life
Nursing is Normal
A Mother Proud of Her Power

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