What are the benefits of eating clean meat over farmed meat?

There are four main benefits of eating clean meat:
• Reduction in environmental degradation:
Clean meat is a sustainable method which will us 99% less water and 97% land. UN scientists have stated that our existing animal farming methods are a major cause of “the world’s most pressing environmental problems including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution and loss of biodiversity”.
• Decrease Global Poverty
Crops grown to feed animals inflate the prices of grains and legumes, cementing global poverty. This is an inefficient system and will not work to feed 9.7 billion people. Clean meat offers an efficient solution.
• Animal welfare.
Thinking, feeling animals are subjected to cruel confinement, trauma, mutilation, and slaughter. Clean meat does not require sentient beings to suffer.
• Human Health
Farm animals are pumped full of antibiotics. This contributes to the development of superbugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Filthy slaughterhouses and factory farming methods can also produce meat contaminated with E coli, salmonella and animal waste which can make us very sick. Clean meat does not require the use of antibiotics and is produced in an environment free from waste and bacteria.

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