Amber Luke from NSW says eyeball tattoos are worth the pain

NSW woman Amber Luke says eyeball tattoos worth the pain
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Amber Luke says she has no regrets.
Amber Luke says she has no regrets.

A woman says her eyeballs tattoo was "worth" the "immense pain".

Amber Breena Luke has splashed out more than $40,000 on tattoos all over her body and didn't stop at her skin.

The 24-year-old tattoo fanatic from New South Wales, Australia, said: "My eyeballs caused me the most immense pain I've endured so far, but they're worth it.

"Every morning when I wake up and look at my eyeballs, it makes me happy because blue is my absolute favourite colour."


Amber said the first time she got inked was when she was just 16, and as soon as the tattoo gun "penetrated" her skin, it "felt like home".

According to The Mirror Online, she said: "At first it was because I wanted to know what the feeling was like — I craved it even though I had no idea what it felt like. "Once the needle is penetrated my skin, it felt like home.

"My passion developed when I was 20 years old, I started to get more heavily tattooed. The feeling I got from getting tattooed was like no other I had experienced — I literally felt the negative energy disperse from my body, minute by minute."

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