10 Purrfect Cat Tattoos For Cat Lovers

10 Purrfect Cat Tattoos For Cat Lovers
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Cats are some of the most fun and adorable animals on the planet. Like humans, they all have incredibly different personalities that are full of quirks. It is easy to get attached to them, so they can be a popular tattoo idea.

Whether it's to remember a beloved pet, a character, or symbolizes something unique to you, many tattoo artists and clients have posted their cat tattoos online. Here are ten that we loved. Be sure to check out the links to the talented artist profiles as well. Without their amazing work, these tattoos never would have existed.


This tattoo was done in South Korea by Soltattoo. While tattoos there have a bit of a stigma, it didn't stop this client from getting their beloved cat's face on this wrist.

The photo is really what sells this tattoo though. You can see that the artist got the colors of this cat's face perfectly done. It is too bad that their eyes are closed or else we could compare the eyes as well!

Kitty With Flowers

This tattoo was done by Teddy’s Tattoo & Illustration from New York City.

Adding flowers to any design is a popular choice. Flowers are beautiful and symbolic of life and can stand for even more things depending on what kind of flower it is. The way the cat looks at the flowers gives us a feeling of gentleness.

Cosmic Cat

At first, many wouldn't think that cats and space go together. However, the internet begs to differ. Space and cats are popular, so the two loved topics often mesh together in art. This tattoo by Adrian Bascur is a wonderful example.

Space tattoos are best in color, as the universe is a gorgeous mix of pinks, blues, purples, whites, grays, and blacks.

Cat Hug

Sometimes it's not enough to just have a cat. You need a human to hug that cat as well. This tattoo was by Katya Krasnova, and she did a great job making the cat and human look like they are in pure bliss together.

Krasnova is another tattoo artist from New York City, and this is not her only work with a human hugging a cat. Cats are kind of her theme. She had tattooed fat cats, vampire cats, smoking cats, drinking cats, cats on brooms, and more. Each work has a ton of personality worthy of a cat tattoo, to please check out her gallery for even more cat content!

Realistic Cat

This cat looks so realistic, you feel as though you can reach out and boop it on the nose. The tattoo was done by the talented Andrey Stepanov from Russia. Their tattoos are crazy good. Their gallery shows realistic tattoos of characters like Iron Man, Groot, Venom, and Captain America. They also have done animals like owls, wolves, sharks, ravens and bears. Out of all the animals though, this cat looks like it's the cutest.

With the amount of detail involved, it does make you wonder how long it took to tattoo this piece and how many sessions the client had.

Kitty Kiss

Why just tattoo one cat when you can have two? This tattoo was done by Amy Todd, who mostly works with flowers but also has experience in animal tattoos. According to her, this is a portrait of the clients' cats. How sweet! We love that the cats are framed in a heart with flowers and rhinestones for some color. The little lick one is giving the other shows such love and tenderness.

Other animals Todd has tattooed include moths, dogs, jellyfish, spiders, sloths, bears, deer, and tigers.

Sitting Cat

Melissa Spirlì, who made this tattoo, has a talent for colorful pieces and has done a number of kitty tattoos. While this cat isn't exactly a burst of color like her other works, the artist did a great job with its detail. The fluffiness and expression is wonderful.

Other animals she has experience tattooing include lions, snakes, whales, bats, dogs, foxes, tigers, and more. She has also done Disney, video game, and cartoon characters. For those wanting one of her artworks, she is based in Italy. You might have to pack your bags and travel.

Lucky Cat

Kozo_tattoo has a ton of Instagram follows for his mini colored tattoos. He is one of those artists that can put any image down on skin, from anime to comic pages to watercolor paintings. To see one tattoo from him is the tip of the iceberg of his talent, so please check out his page.

This particular tattoo is of what is called a "Maneki-neko." It is from Japanese culture, and serves as a symbol that brings good luck and fortune. Today, they are pretty main-stream globally. You may have even seen one waving at you in an Asian restaurant!

With Sweater And Book

This tattoo was done by Agata Złotko, who has a talent for whimsical tattoos such as this one. Both their tattoos and illustrations often are centered on anthropomorphic animals that look like characters out of Fantastic Mr. Fox or the video game, Night in the Woods. They really give off a storybook feeling that warms the up your inner child.

Besides cats, the artist also does bears, voles, rabbits, foxes, goats, mice, raccoons, otters, birds, dinosaurs, and more. If you want one of these tattoos though, you may need to take a trip all the way to Paris!

Dandelion Seeds

Ayhan Karadag's work is in the small and colored tattoo business. While his tattoos are small, they have a lot of color and personality. Many clients seek him out for the delicate and dainty tattoo aesthetic.

You can learn more about the artist on Bored Panda, where he talks a bit about himself, his work, and his favorite pieces.

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