Meet One of Israel’s #1 Micro Tattooers

Meet One of Israel's #1 Micro Tattooers
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Once in a blue moon, a tattoo artist surfaces that completely takes the industry by storm. One of these artists is Eden Kozokaro, better known as Kozo Tattoo on Instagram. His impressive color micro designs have captivated social media, both because they’re technically flawless and reference pop culture classics. Many would be surprised to find out that this color wiz has yet to turn 23 years old, proving what he lacks in years of experience he makes up for in undeniable talent. We sat down with the talented tattooer to learn his thoughts on modern micro tattooing and to understand what it’s like working in Tel Aviv.

How did you begin your career as a tattoo artist? One of my skater friends bought the cheapest machine we could find from eBay. He let me try it out and eventually, he became my first client. Then I offered free tattoos to everyone I knew.

What’s tattoo culture like in Israel? Tattoo culture is very small, loving and supportive. My tattooer friends and I are trying our best to show everyone that tattoos are nothing less than an expression of art.

Why micro tattoos? I tried to find a way to express my classical painting knowledge within a size that could fit people who can't commit for a sleeve or big work.

What’s your process for designing a micro tattoo? I try to design as minimalistically as possible. In design, I believe that less is more.

Why is there a taboo surrounding color in micro tattoos and how do you overcome this in your application? There are many who think minimalistic colored tattoos won't heal well. That's why it’s important for me to post my healed tattoos.

What are some of your favorite movies and television shows to tattoo?

I’m very influenced by the Japanese animation of Studio Ghibli. For me, they create the highest level of art. Their detailed and aesthetic designs have moved me since I started painting.

Where’s the best place to put a micro tattoo? I would recommend somewhere on the upper body where it’s close to the eye line, so that you can notice all the small details.

What are some subjects you hope to tattoo in the near future? I would love to tattoo any images with great stories behind them.

How has travel impacted your tattooing and what cities inspire you most?

Traveling has inspired a lot of my designs and showed me how the language of art connects people. My favorite place to travel to is South Korea, I’m very influenced by Korean artists and culture.

What’s up next for Kozo tattoo? I'm always into exploring different cultures and cities. So, I plan on leaving Tel Aviv by the time I’m 23 and hope to keep creating everyday around the world.

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