Female Tattoo Artists to Do Your Next Tattoo

Female Tattoo Artists to Do Your Next Tattoo
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Melbourne is home to one of the most prominent movements in art. Their tastes in art and style can be clearly seen by the way they execute their tattoos. A lot of artists in Melbourne specialise in certain styles, but many are also highly versatile and can jump from one style to another without any hitch.

Another thing that distinguishes Melbourne from the rest of the world are the countless female tattoo artists that practises their craft in the city. Some are known for their original minimalist tattoo designs, while others are sought after for their more intricate realistic styles.

If you still don’t know why you should get a female tattoo artists Melbourne to get your next tattoo, then read on. Perhaps this article will convince you to get inked by the best tattoo artists Melbourne.

Why Work with Female Tattoo Artists in Melbourne?

So why choose female tattoo artists? What differentiates them from male artists?

Our answer is simple. Good tattoo work knows no gender. But if you are looking for a more specific style whether that’s the elegant minimalism or the extreme blackwork style, it is important to know that our female artists are just as capable as their male counterparts.

Look for female tattoo artists Melbourne that have the experience and the capacity to achieve what you are looking for. Which is why before you make that decision, we’ve prepared this short list of things you should consider before getting inked.

How To Find the Best Female Tattoo Artists Melbourne

Finding female tattoo artists Melbourne is easy. Simply turn to the internet and voila! You have found one! Maybe even two or three female artists. But how sure are you that they are the best?
You have to carefully read their profile, sift through their portfolio, read reviews about their customers’ experience, and gather any other relevant information that could help you decide if that artist is the best one for you. In regard to these considerations, you should also look out for:

Artistic Ability

Artistic ability is exactly what is sounds like — the skills and talent needed to create fine works of art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and in this case, tattooing. It has been long debated whether this knack for art is innate or not. Through long years of consistent practice, however, one can learn the skills needed to do art.

The best tattoo artists Melbourne succeed in tattooing because of their passion for art expressed through their tattoos. As a client, you have to find a female tattoo artist who resonates with you in terms of style and preference. If you choose someone who is out of sync with what you had in mind, the finished piece might not look as good as you hoped.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail might not seem like the most exciting trait needed to become a successful tattoo artist, but it is one of the most important. Tattooing is very exacting work. You must listen carefully to clients’ ideas in order to turn them into pieces of art that fit their desires. The tattoo machine is made of many tiny parts that have to be used and maintained regularly.

Tattoos, no matter how big or small, requires a lot of precision to be executed properly. It does not only take the technical skills to finish a piece but it also demands a lot of patience from the artist. Without that stamina to do such tedious work for hours on end, your tattoo could quickly turn into a sloppy piece. Thankfully, no such artists are in our tattoo studio Melbourne.

Attention to detail is also important in terms of adhering to the rules and regulations implemented for the safety of both the customer and the artist. Following through the safety procedures of tattooing is still a basic thing that many artists overlook, so make sure your artists does her part.

Active Learners

As in anything in life, the tattoo industry is evolving. With new tools and techniques being developed at any given moment, some artists risk falling behind if they are not curious enough to explore these new developments.

The best tattoo artists Melbourne would have the enthusiasm to keep up with the changes to better equip themselves against the changing times. You, as a customer, would have been in on the trends. You might have seen them on the internet and decided you have to go and get it. You’d need good female tattoo artists Melbourne who are just as updated with the trending styles as you.

Tattoo studio Melbourne, like Vivid Ink Tattoos, have a website such as this one. If you follow us, you get the latest on the tattoo world by reading our content.


Different clients have different needs. Tattoos, by nature, are highly personal and different clients could have different needs. The best female tattoo artists Melbourne should be versatile enough to cater to the demands of many clients. A professional would be able to guide you through what will look best on your skin, but an expert in what she does would be flexible enough to translate your vision into art.

Now that you have an idea on which traits you should look out for, you can go ahead and take your pick among the many choices of female tattoo artists Melbourne.

Our Recommendations

At Vivid Ink Tattoos, we have exceptional female tattoo artists who are nailing the tattoo design game! They can do a wide range of design including realism, black and greys, and designs that have something to do with nature or animals. Get to know them better and read on:


She has been tattooing for over a decade now and since she started in 2009, she has gained a lot of followers because of the quality of work that she does. Her education in visual arts and design have driven her to pursue graphic design for three years. Eventually chipping off the remnants of her corporate life, she decided to take on tattooing as a full time profession.
Her background in graphic design allows her to be very versatile in almost any tattoo design trend, but she specialises in black and grey realism as well as animal or nature-themed designs.


Even though she’s still an apprentice, Naomi has proved herself to be invaluable for her precise drawing style. Heavily influenced by her love for botanical designs, you can see how intricate her work is through her fineline and blackwork pieces.

She’s now experimenting with bolder lines and colour. Everyday, we see her progress in many other styles. She takes on projects head-on and with intense focus, and you can see that in her works.

You can check out their works in our website.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any queries regarding the best female tattoo artists Melbourne. Clearly, we currently house two of the most promising women in the tattoo world. If you want to work with them, you may reach us through +61(0)3 8555 2268 or shoot us a message through We look forward to working with you!

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