10 Of Miley Cyrus’ Best Tattoos (And 10 We Wouldn’t Spend A Dime On)

10 Of Miley Cyrus' Best Tattoos (And 10 We Wouldn't Spend A Dime On)
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Once Miley turned eighteen, she quickly started collecting tattoos on her body. The latest count of the tattoos people know about is well past fifty. Since she divorced from Liam Hemsworth she has been living her best life and amassing tattoos. It feels like she posts on Instagram just to show off her latest ink. At the rate the singer is going it won't be long until she has full sleeves.

Miley has gone through a lot since she left the world of Disney behind and her tattoos reflect that. Each one tells a story. Some stories are obviously more meaningful than others. Some she clearly got when she was in her VMAs/twerking face or when she was under the influence. Down below will showcase only about half of her tattoos, the best and the worst. The one thing they all have in common is that they need to be discussed asap.

Source: Miley Cyrus Instagram

Miley Cyrus debuted this tattoo back in October. She shared a video showcasing her new tattoo with, "Every. Rose. Has. It's. Thorns." The interpretation of roses to mean the classic Rock N Roll song is very Miley Cyrus. She got this tattoo from Nico Bassill, an LA tattoo artist who has been doing all of Miley's tattoos lately.

Grandma Portrait

Source: Evening Standard

Miley posted on Twitter about her new tattoo. She explained she wanted to get it "because I am her favorite and she is mine." If she wasn't the favorite grandchild before, she certainly is now. This portrait is one of Miley's bigger tattoos and one of her many portraits in honor of her family members.

Her dog, Emu

Source: Dr Woo Instagram

Miley decided to get her dog, Emu immortalized on her body forever. Miley has thirteen pets in total: nine dogs, three cats, and one pig. It's clear Emu is one of her favorites. This portrait of her beloved dog is the best way to honor and treasure him.

Rock N Roll Heart

Source: Instagram

Miley Cyrus and her new boo Cody Simpson love getting tattoos whenever they are hanging out. The two of them didn't get matching tattoos this time. Miley decided to get Rock N Roll heart with a dagger going through it. Perri Lister was her inspiration for getting this tattoo.

Visconti of Milan Coat of Arms

Source: Dr Woo Instagram

Miley got this tattoo when she came back from vacation with Kaitlynn Carter. According to tattoo artist Dr. Woo, the inspiration came from the "cool old sculpture @MileyCyrus found in Italy." It's the Visconti of Milan coat of arms. Whenever Miley looks down at her arm she'll remember her amazing vacation in Italy.

Source: Instagram

There have been millions of Elvis inspired tattoos over the years. This one stands out among the crowd with its font warped in a heart-shaped. An Elvis style heart will last the test of time and won't become taboo in the next few decades.

Johnny Cash

Source: Getty Images

When Miley was younger, Johnny Cash wrote a letter to the star. One part of the letter said, "I'm in your corner" followed by his signature. If Miley is ever feeling insecure she can look down at her arm. It won't be difficult to find confidence when Johnny Cash is on your side.

Source: Steal Her Style

Miley has several tattoos in dedication to her pets. While most of the time she goes for realistic portraits, this time she went with a more cartoon style for her beloved dog, Floyd. This tattoo gives a hint of the dog's personality with its playful design.

Pixies - The Thing

Source: Instagram

This tattoo can be difficult to read if you aren't familiar with cursive. It's a lyric from Pixies, The Thing, "My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free." Many believe this tattoo is in honor of her breakup to Liam Hemsworth. It might be the case. However, Miley does have several tattoos for musicians and artists she's inspired by.

Anatomical Heart

Source: Instagram

This tattoo is based on one of Leonardo Da Vinci's medical drawings and research. Hopefully, there's a meaningful reason behind this tattoo on Miley's body. If not at least it looks beautiful and it matches the other tattoos Miley's been adding as of late.

Tooth (Worst)

Source: Body Art Guru

Miley has several tattoos with Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend Katy Weaver. The tooth has to one of the worst ones. Apparently Miley has an interest in teeth and not from a medical standpoint. In 2014 she was selling fake "Redneck Billy-Bob" teeth.

Crying Cat (Worst)

Source: Miley Cyrus Instagram

Miley got this during the VMA period of her life when she was known for twerking and sticking her tongue out. It's a good thing lip tattoos aren't supposed to last very long. It's going to be awkward explaining the crying cat emoji to her dentist.

Avocado (Worst)

Source: Instagram

Miley Cyrus was way into the avocado trend before anyone else. While most young people love avocado toast, not many would go this far to show their dedication to the fruit. It is one of the few colored tattoos Miley has. Hopefully, this tattoo will last longer than an actual avocado.

Puffer Fish (Worst)

Source: Instagram

Miley has several tattoos dedicated to her furry family members. This is her only one dedicated to her dead fish. While the tattoo is beautiful, at the end of the day, it's still for a pet fish. It might have taken longer for the tattoo to be done than the entire life span of the fish.

Sugar Skull (Worst)

Source: Getty Images

This has the look of a typical flash tattoo. It's a completely different style compared to Miley's other tattoos. This one makes the list because it's one of her matching tattoos with her ex Liam Hemsworth. Since Miley has been on a tattoo kick lately, maybe she'll cover it up with something cooler.

Anchor (Worst)

Source: PopStarTats

The anchor was one of Miley's first tattoos. This makes the list for our least favorite tattoos because it's very simple. This tattoo has been done many times before. It's such a basic white girl tattoo. Coming from a girl with a tooth tattoo, it just doesn't fit Miley's personality.

Vegemite (Worst)

Source: Instagram

This is another tattoo for Liam Hemsworth at least according to fans. Vegemite is a well-known condiment in Australia where her ex is from even if the tattoo wasn't intended to be in dedication to her ex, there's still a clear connection. It's a bad idea to get tattoos for lovers even when they come out as nice as this one.

Smiley Face (Worst)

Source: Steal Her Style

The name Miley came from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, calling her Smiley. Sadly, this is not a tattoo for her father. She does have one of those. In 2014 she walked onto the red carpet sporting this smiley face tat. She and her friend decided to use a tattoo gun on each other. It's best to leave it to the professionals.

Jupiter/Saturn (Worst)

Source: Miley Cyrus Instagram

Miley posted this tattoo on Instagram with the hashtag #lilbbJupiter. The problem with the hashtag is the tattoo is clearly Saturn with its rings. The tattoo doesn't appear to have been done very well. There isn't any shading to it. Based on her Instagram caption, this could have been a party tattoo.

Moo (Worst)

Source: Media Punch

Either this tattoo was done at a party or Miley let one of her friends tattoo her with a tattoo gun they bought on Amazon. No one is certain why Miley has this tattoo. She does own a farm maybe it's for her love of cows?

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