75 Adorable Axolotl Tattoos

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In a world as dark and depressing as ours, animals sure do make it a better place to live. There are tons of creatures that are practically too adorable to exist and one of them is the axolotl. The axolotl looks like a Pokémon character come to life and it's commonly referred to as the Mexican walking fish. However, it's not a fish at all. The axolotl is an amphibian that's closely related to the tiger salamander.

Unfortunately, wild axolotls are near extinction, as their habitat has been depleted due to urbanization, water pollution and invasive species. They're currently listed as critically endangered, but captive axolotls are becoming increasingly common pets. Axolotls can last up to 15 years in captivity and consume fish pellets, as well as worms. They're also frequently studied in research labs, as they have the ability to regenerate their limbs. In popular culture, the best known example comes from the television show "BoJack Horseman," where actor Natalie Morales played an axolotl named Yolanda Buenaventura.

In honor of axolotyl lovers around the world, take a peek at some of our favorite axolotl tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Then let us know your favorite tattoo from this list in the comments section on social media.